Sophia's Mexican Inspired Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be a part of this amazing Baby Shower. Organised and styled by Klara from ‘Klara’s House’ , this beautiful Mexican inspired shower gave me all the feels. So much time, effort and energy went into every detail of this amazing afternoon. As well as offering my Henna Services, we had Laura from ‘Laura Williams Zen’ guide everyone through a meditation ceremony and blessing way, setting the intention to shower the mumma to be with love, support and nurturing.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I feel so very privileged to be a part of amazing gatherings like these, offering my craft and the opportunity to connect with like minded business owners. This year has been my most successful year for my Henna Business and I am so grateful that it has been able to offer me so much love, connection and happiness. Thank you to everyone who continues to support my work by booking me for their special events, I am forever grateful xx

Plant Magic - A Glimpse Into The Magic Of Henna

The Henna Plant (Lawsonia Inermis) has been used for thousands of years - most commonly associated with its special leaves, from which you can make henna powder and a host of different herbal medicinal tonics. So I wanted to share some more information on this beautiful plant and the magic that it carries, both for beauty and healing. The Lawsonia inermis plant has been used for thousands of years, and is one of the oldest cosmetics, written records of its use dates back to more than 2,500 years ago. However, what is not often spoken about is its medicinal benefits (which are indeed extensive!)


In Ayurvedic medicine the henna plant is considered to benefit the nervous system, and can be used to create a natural tonic when brewed into a natural tea. Lawsonia Inermis is an astringent herb that also has strong anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. Therefore a small poultice can be created to be used on grazes, wounds and skin irritations.

The thin bark is also commonly used for its wide variety of different medicinal properties. It can be chewed to help alleviate toothaches, be brewed into a tea which is thought to benefit the liver. As well as act as an emmenagogue (a substance that stimulates blood flow) which is why it is sometimes referred to as the " ‘feminine healing herb’, as it can be used to help with menstruation cramps and assist with blood flow. This is all pretty amazing stuff, that not many people know about this beautiful little plant.

As well as the physical medicinal benefits, I believe that henna has the ability to help us emotionally too. When henna is applied as a natural beauty ritual, there is a calming and grounding essence to the work I do. Everyone is always surprised at how beautiful it feels to have henna done. Many that have been quite frantic planning their event or stressed leading up to it, definitely tend to have an energetic shift once I complete their henna. I believe this is because it allows us time to stop and drop into our bodies, becoming aware of our hands, feet, bellies or back. We live in a culture that is always on, always moving its nice to participate in an ancient ritual that allows you to stop and just be still for a period of time.

Megan's Baby Shower

I wanted to share some images from a beautiful baby shower I had the privilege of being a part of over the weekend. Every now and then there are events I attend that leave me feeling full and inspired, this was one of them!

PicMonkey Collage-39.jpg

There was an abundance of food, music, laughter and good vibes. I automatically got to work on the 25+ beautiful women, creating individual henna designs for each. However my favourite part was Megan’s baby belly blessing. Pre-natal henna designs are by far my favourite to create, this design in particular felt really organic and inspired me to write this blog post (mostly as a reminder to myself to create more baby belly designs!) I feel as though baby blessings are much more personal and look very special once completed, highlighting the beautiful baby bump whether it be big or small.

Witch Hazel - The Importance of Clean Skin

Just as you would prime a canvas before painting, priming and preparing the skin before applying Henna is an essential part in achieving a great quality stain. I have trailed and tested many techniques however, have found that Witch Hazel is always the best option for prepping the skin.


A more natural alternative to rubbing alcohol, I love using Witch Hazel as I know, that similar to Henna - it comes from a plant! Distilled from the dried leaves and bark of the Witch Hazel Plant. Helping to balance the PH level of the skin as well as soothe any irritations as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. This is my go to tool for all of my events, parties and markets.

Simply soak a cotton pad in a small amount of Witch Hazel to then be used on the skin. Making a perfectly clean canvas for beautiful henna adornment!